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1. A brief introduction to the PHIT™ light and ion purification technology of the photosynthetic electronic tree

Copying the transformation mechanism of the natural environment to indoors is the indoor sun.

2. If you have pets, is it easy for the fan to absorb dander?

A higher position can increase the air convection effect and facilitate air convection. The product is designed as a desktop type, it is not easy to absorb the dander on the ground, it is recommended to put the product on the table, there will be no such problems.

3. Why doesn't photosynthetic ion have a black wall effect?

The effect of photosynthetic ionization will only produce micro-charged ionization purification factors. Adhere to suspended particles to increase their mass and fall vertically due to gravity to avoid adsorption to the human body. The principle of inhaling negative ions due to breathing is to use high-voltage electricity. The arc reaction produces high-charge static electricity. These static electricity will attract suspended particles and dust in the air, but because the amount of charge is relatively high, it will be chaotic around the space environment, so the suspended particles will return to the surrounding area. It produces a black wall effect, and even adsorbs to the human body, making it easier to breathe into the human body.

4. Why doesn't ECOHEAL's wide-spectrum ultraviolet lamps harm the skin?
How is it different from the PHIT and PHIT™ technology introduced on the Internet?

Commercially available ultraviolet disinfection lamps are open type, directly irradiating the entire environmental space for sterilization, and directly acting on the human body will cause human skin lesions. At the beginning of the design of the photosynthetic electronic tree, the patented reflective cavity structure was used to block this part of the hidden worries. The test report indicated that it was only one-tenth of the safety standard. Generally, PHI is just an abbreviation for photolysis, but ECOHEAL owns the patented technology of core light-emitting components, which is not available on the market. Other products that claim to have similar technologies can only be used directly by purchasing components with insufficient specifications on the market; while the technology of PHIT™ comes from Verification of fab equipment-related reaction technology. Following the upgrade of fabs, the development of patented components and specifications was connected, and the entire production line of the Japanese system factory was contracted in the United States, and only components with ECOHEAL patent specifications were made, starting from the forefront. The development of the technology is controlled, but the consistency of the effect is ensured, which is not comparable to other products that only do similar copywriting technology.

5. Are there any special restrictions on placing the table?

If there is lint on the table, please wipe it before placing it. When placing it, make sure that there is no foreign matter covering the product. The product will not be effective when it is covered.

6. How does the purification factor affect the pets in the house?

It can decompose and dilute the smell of pets, and can also inhibit bacteria on the pet’s epidermis, reduce the occurrence of skin diseases, and block the cross-infection of the virus and bacteria carried by the pet with the human body.

7. The photosynthetic electronic tree operates in a confined room, will there be side effects or affect the body? Will the concentration continue to accumulate? Will there be too much purification factor? What is the effect of inhaling for a long time?

Generally, there is no so-called fully enclosed space in a home. It is basically a semi-enclosed environment. The air still flows. The photosynthetic reaction of the photosynthetic electronic tree is the same as the natural products outdoors and in the forest. Natural phenomenon. It does not affect the body and has no side effects.

8. What is photosynthetic reaction? What is the same natural phenomenon as the natural products in the forest.

It is inspired by the principle of “photosynthesis” that trees and rain forests create oxygen for the earth’s infinite loops. The unique PHITTM light hydration ion technology simulates the natural interaction between sunlight, water, and chlorophyll. It uses “light” to decompose and interact with “water” to convert “oxygen” into high-order oxygen. The air purification factor is natural and low. Consume and intelligently realize the function of continuous loop purification of indoor air.

9. Will there be a problem of carbon dioxide or other gas accumulation when used in a confined space for a long time?

Because the amount of carbon dioxide after reaction reduction is too small, there will be no accumulation. The reaction principle of photosynthetic ionization technology is not a technology generated through high voltage, and it will not generate other by-product gases and accumulate.

10. It will be dry in the air-conditioned room, will it affect the effect?

The humidity control of the air-conditioning design is maintained at around 65% without affecting the effect.

11. What is a purification factor? The purification factor will actively eliminate viruses and bacteria. In a confined space, how does the purification factor distinguish viruses, bacteria, or human bodies?

After the purification factor is photosynthetic reaction, the ionized micro-charged body that can deal with air pollution. The purification factor will target viruses and bacteria and inhibit their growth, but will not have any reaction to the human body. Through the respiratory system, it also deals with the pollution on the respiratory tract. It reduces the pollution and irritation of the respiratory system.

12. Is there any danger to something that has fallen from the subsidence effect if it is stepped on or touched?

The thing that has been settled is dust. Just wipe it off or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. It should be PM2.5 small suspended particles floating in the air that will not be dangerous if you step on it. These suspended small particles are inhaled by us. Later, it will pass through the alveoli, circulate throughout the body, irritate the blood vessel wall everywhere, and may also cause thrombosis.

13. Will the released ozone, hydrogen peroxide and other gases continuously accumulate when used in a confined space? Do I need to shut down or open windows regularly? How often do you open windows for ventilation (please give examples of indoor area).

The photosynthetic electronic tree is hydrogen peroxide and not ozone. It is a natural product. It does not require a switch product and can be used for a long time. It is recommended to open the window to ventilate the part. It is only necessary to let the outdoor air in to supplement the reaction material of the photosynthetic electronic tree. The oxygen and moisture content can be adjusted as needed. The photosynthetic reaction of the photosynthetic electronic tree uses a patented light-emitting energy element to stably provide a fixed volume. Choosing the correct model will not have this problem.

It is recommended to open the window for basic ventilation to allow carbon dioxide to be discharged into the room to avoid accumulation of carbon dioxide in the room. When there is ventilation, supplementing the oxygen and moisture in the room is inherently beneficial to the human body. It is recommended that more is better, and the reaction purification factor is increased. It’s just an added benefit !

15. How long does it take to remove indoor formaldehyde pollution in a space of 550 square feet?

Because the purification calculation of the environmental space is a very complicated condition factor, the processing time is proportional to the processing volume. If you cannot calculate qualitatively and quantitatively, you cannot give an answer. However, the test report of photosynthetic ionization shows that the processing of formaldehyde is very effective. Moreover, the half-life of formaldehyde is 15-20 years, so there is room for formaldehyde generation, and the photosynthetic electronic tree must be used for a long time to decompose formaldehyde, otherwise it will easily cause formaldehyde pollution to harm the human body.

16. I already have an air filter at home, why should I buy a photosynthetic tree?

Existing air filters are restricted by fluid mechanics (inability to completely ventilate the space gas) and filter specifications (inability to completely filter). Therefore, purchasing 3D photosynthetic electronics without dead ends can reinforce the insufficient parts of the air filter.

17. I already have another brand of air filter at home, and it is turned on at the same time as the photosynthetic electronic tree. Will the purification factor be filtered out by another brand?

It will only help filter-type products. Treating the contaminants adhering to the surface of the filter can inhibit its growth and decomposition, which can be regarded as extending the life of the filter.

18. Can the photo-ion catalytic technology component products be used indoors, can they be removed from the dust end? The decontamination factor will kill the food of dust mites, and dust mites eat the dander from the human body, so is there any doubt that the decontamination factor will harm the human body?

Photoion catalytic technology is the abbreviation of photosynthetic ionization or another term to avoid customer confusion, and is collectively referred to as photosynthetic ionization here. The basic transfer mechanism of dust mite treatment is to reduce the food buds of dust mite larvae, thereby reducing the number of dust mite larvae, effectively reducing the phenomenon of allergies due to excessive dust mites. Adult dust mites eat human dander, so the purification factor It can also purify the surface of the skin, combining dual effects.

19. If a person (surface) is infected with the new coronavirus and enters the space where the photosynthetic electronic tree runs for 24 hours, how long will it take to remove the new coronavirus from the public (surface)?

An immediate response, as long as the purification factor comes into contact with the virus, bacteria, and mold, it will act immediately, but the new crown virus has entered the human body. There is a little effect in the system, and Malaysia is doing similar actual tests.

20. If an asymptomatic infected person with new coronary pneumonia enters a space where the photosynthetic electronic tree is running for 24 hours, and the virus-laden air is exhaled, how long can it be purified?

In an immediate response, the virus spread in the air collides with the purification factor of the photosynthetic electronic tree, and it will start a destructive reaction with bacteria, viruses, and molds, reducing cross and infection.

21. Generally, air pollution is serious when dust storms come. The effect of HEPA filtering through general air purifiers is already good when the indoor air purifier is turned on. What is the better effect of electronic trees?

The photosynthetic electronic tree can settle suspended particles in the whole room, 3D/360 degrees releases the purification factor, and there is no dead corner in the purification space. The micro-charged ionization purification factor will only adhere to the suspended particles to increase their mass and fall vertically under the gravity of the earth. Avoid being adsorbed on the human body, thus inhaling the human body.

22. The UV light sold outside can cause skin lesions when irradiated to the skin. Carrying type can directly see the lamp, will it also cause the disease of the organism's genetic material?

Portable products have protection reflections for the light source, and indirect refraction to prevent energy leakage. The remaining visible light is low-energy blue light which is harmless to the human body. However, it is still recommended not to look directly at the lamp tube from a special angle, after all, it emits light. The component is still a high-energy product, and it will still hurt the eyes if you look directly at it for a long time. Chen Qinglong, the attending physician of the Chiayi Chang Gung Retinology Department, announced that the 3C product blue light hurts the eyes? Sun protection is really much more important than blue light protection. Yu Chang Gung Medical News Volume 42 Issue 7 was published on July 1, 2021. The article mentioned that under natural light in life, blue light is inherently present. Relatively, There are inherent defenses in the structure of our eyes. In addition to the lens that can filter out part of the blue light and most of the ultraviolet light AB, there are many yellow pigments in carotenoids in the macula of the retina, mainly leaves Flavin and zeaxanthin can absorb light with a spectrum of about 460 nanometers, which means that these pigments can absorb blue and ultraviolet light, acting like filters to protect important photoreceptor cells and pigment epithelial cells. About 50% of retinal carotenoids are concentrated in the macula, especially near the fovea, which can provide better protection.


For automobile use

Photosynthetic E-Tree (Active)

0 consumables, no filter, no need to replace consumables.

Effectively eliminate 99.4% of Corona Virus.

Very small molecules that can be purified to 0.00001 microns, including harmful substances such as viruses, PM2.5, molds, and formaldehyde.

Effectively eliminate 99.99% Influenza, H1N1 Influenza, Avian Influenza and other viruses.