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Reference is made to the subject matter as mentioned above.


For all intents and purposes, our Company regret to inform all our honored customers, suppliers, and affiliate partners that it has been dismally drawn to our attention that there is an unauthorized and unwarranted sale of our Company’s products by an obscure entity via  which has the bad malice and intention to mislead the public as our official website.

In view thereof, our Company wish to put on record that such unauthorized and unwarranted sale channel has no direct connection in whatsoever and howsoever manner with our Company. In additional thereto, our Company hereby confirm that we have not granted any rights whatsoever to this entity to promote and sale of our products.

Our Company hereby urge the public at large not to make any purchase from the abovementioned webpage or any unauthorized agents. For the purpose hereof, prior to the purchase of any of our Company’s products, you may request from the sale personnel to provide to you their agent identity card issued by our Company for verification purposes in ensuring that the products that you purchased is an official product supplied by our Company.

We wish to reiterate that our Company lay hold of such incident very sternly with any malicious misrepresentation and infringement of intellectual property rights of our Company to the Products. Hence, our Company hereby urge the unauthorized individual and/or entity to remove any post which involve our Company’s information and reports within Forty-Eight (48) hours failing which our Company shall reserve our rights to initiate legal action in any and all aspect against any of the entity and individuals which all costs and expenses shall be borne by such entity/ or individuals.

Our Company has lodged a report to the relevant enforcement authorities and shall proceed to initiate legal action against any of the entity and individuals who found to be committed the breach of the aforementioned incident in protecting the interest of our Company and the public at large.

Thank you.


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